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Hell Barn cottages
Introduction and aims

Hell barn Cottages is a family-run self-catering business, situated in North Chidecok in West Dorset. Our trade is providing self-catering accommodation to holiday makers visiting this area. We provide Japanese food to our guests as well. We recognise that our business produces waste from guests, maintenance and repair/replacement of fixtures and fittings and the use of cleaning products. It is our aim to comply with legislation, and to endeavour to reduce the environmental impact of our trade. We would also like to support local trade, buying from quality local retailers where possible.


This environmental policy applies to all our operations. We cannot dictate the way in which our guests live, particularly when it comes to waste and recycling. We can, however, let them know how we go about our waste disposal and request that they comply with our way of doing things.


  1. Recycling
    General waste is collected by West Dorset Council once a week. Recyclable materials are collected once every two weeks. We provide our guests with three bins, one for general waste, one for glass recycling and one for can/ plastic recycleing. We ask guests to leave papers in the cottages for us to recycle after their departure. The council do not take plastic, so we sort the cans and plastic and take the plastic to the local depot. If guests do not remove lids or rinse bottles as requested, we do it for them.
  2. General purchases for the cottages
    We believe that our accommodation needs to be comfortable for our guests. We equip them to British tourist board three star standard though many items are actually suitable for 4 star accommodation
    We do not believe in a throw-away culture, so we try to maintain fixtures and fittings for as long as possible. We then take to second hand shops if possible. We do try to purchase quality furniture that will last.
  3. Food purchase – We would like to support local shops and the local economy, so we purchase all welcome packs from the shop in Chideock, who source them locally. Raw ingredients for Japanese food are from individual reputable sellers in Bridport who source them locally, whenever possible. Dry food stuffs have to be purchased from a reputable wholesaler in London, but we combine trips to minimise the number of trips to London.
  4. General maintenance work – we would like to support local traders. Reputable and experienced traders from the area maintain our property with good care.
  5. Energy
    Energy is a difficult issue these days. Our accommodation runs on mains electricity. The main source of heating in the cottages is storage heaters which run at night and so are fairly economical. Extra wall heaters in the bedrooms are fitted with timers, so guests can save electricity by only having them on at certain times of the day. All windows are now double-glazed to current building regulations.
  • Peaceful location with easy access to A35
  • Bedding, towels and free electricity provided
  • Storage heaters in lounges and electric heaters elsewhere
  • Large communal garden to relax in
  • Play area (wooden swings etc) and games room (heaven for children)
  • Japanese food is our speciality
Enjoy England - 3 Star Self Catering

Shigeaki and Diana Takezoe
Hell Barn Cottages,
Hell Farmhouse,
Hell Lane, North Chideock,
Bridport, Dorset DT6 6LA

Tel: +44 (0)1297 489589

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